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01 December 1971, Val-d'Or, Québec (Canada)

Solo Exhibitions
2012 Impossible Cities, Lennox Contemporary, Toronto
2011 Small Works Sale, Gallery 1313, Toronto
2009 Simpsons Trivia Challenge, Lennox Contemporary, Toronto
2007 The Pop Can Poll, Lennox Contemporary, Toronto
2006 The Marge Simpson Project, Lennox Contemporary, Toronto
2001 The Avant-Garde Art Sale, Acadia Gallery, Toronto
2000 Icondy, Acadia Gallery, Toronto
1999 Iconoplastic, Manifesto Gallery, Edmonton, AB
1998 Escape and the Shinning City, Edmonton, AB
Group Exhibitions
2013 And the Livin' is Easy, Yumart Gallery, Toronto
  Robots and Monsters, Atomic ToyBot, Toronto
  The Sex Show, Gallery 1313, Toronto
2012 The Pony Paddock, Atomic ToyBot, Toronto
2006 Winter Show, Lennox Contemporary, Toronto
2004 The Parrot Project, Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto
2002 The Portrait Challenge, Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto
  Nervous Planet, Next Door Gallery, Toronto
2001 Les Ami(e)s, Acadia Gallery, Toronto
2000 All Things Bright and Beautiful, Diego's Gallery, Toronto
1998 Big Sex, Manifesto Gallery, Edmonton, AB
  Experiments Anonymous, Latitude 53 Gallery, Edmonton, AB
1997 True Mummy, Manifesto Gallery, Edmonton, AB
1996 With Great Vision, Latitude 53 Gallery, Edmonton, AB
  Emerging Artists, Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB
Interviews & Reviews
2012 Grainger, Lia. "Arts, not smarts." The Grid TO, Wednesday, March 7, 2012. 
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"The User-Friendly Guide to Shock Art." POSSESSION: All that is sacred in contemporary art. November 2008. <>


BFA, University of Alberta


Lennox Contemporary