Website finally launched

Dancing DevilAfter all manner of struggle and delay, and in spite of fear-filled procrastination, my website has finally been launched. Oh sure, this may seem obvious to you gentle surfer, but this is big news for me. The damn thing has been in overhaul for a few months now. I was beginning to think the wreched thing was never going to happen and now it has. Hurray!

Badenov entered in Square Foot Show

Boris BadenovYes, a portrait of that dasterdly villian Boris Badenov, aswell as a painting of an Angry Bird were entered into the 10th Annual Original Square Foot Show. The show runs from August 4th until the 19th at Twist Gallery, 1100 Queen St. West, Toronto. It is the largest cattle call gallery display all year with a whopping 600 artist submitting work.